I don’t mean to downplay and equate sincere religious beliefs

misfitpotatoreborn comments on weekly skeptics discussion

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wholesale bikinis They had no idea how to follow up with that answer, and just took the conversation in a completely different direction. They also asked me if I had ever had any spiritual experiences and I told them how deciding for sure that I was an atheist was actually a pretty spiritual experience for me. They left pretty quickly after that, haha. wholesale bikinis

wholesale bikinis Just as I imagine a student at maybe Chicago/Berkeley probably shouldn’t say outside of specific scenarios to an interviewer that they chose the school because they’re conservative/liberals, I imagine same is true for somebody going to NDLS that chose because they’re catholic. I don’t mean to downplay and equate sincere religious beliefs with political tendencies, but just that some may view those within the same spherelandlordthrowaw 3 points submitted 3 months agoBecoming an AUSA at EDNY and particularly SDNY are probably among the most difficult legal jobs in the country to obtain. I know a lot of people that either worked there or currently work there and I think the general trend is YHS/Columbia and NYU/rest of T14 > biglaw litigation for four years > AUSA. wholesale bikinis

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