How many daily comedy podcasts are there? Not many

When I was at school I was the only girl in the design technology class (oh and I got the best grade don’t you know!) and it is quite apparent that there are crafts that are considered ‘girly’ and crafts that are considered ‘manly’. Now as a girl who likes the manly crafts and enjoys nothing more than the smell of sawdust in a workshop, I find it quite sad that there aren’t many girls who seem to like woodwork and getting stuck into large construction type projects. Anyway, to celebrate my love of butch crafts, I have made this page to compile all of my favourite projects from around the web that don’t incorporate lace, pink, ruffles or anything dainty!.

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beach dresses Which then brings us to the next, very important, pointthe delivery of the material. Let’s take an exampletake one of the jokes you heard the last time you saw a comedy act. Would that joke be just as funny if one of the most boring people you knew told it? That’s where the talent of the comedian comes into the picture. beach dresses

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